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My first trilogy, the Godblind trilogy, was published between 2017 and 2019, with The Stone Knife, book one of Songs of the Drowned, hitting the shelves in 2020. The Jaguar Path, book two of Songs, is coming in August 2022. 

I also write for Black Library, with short stories and a novella – so far – set in the Mortal Realms of the Age of Sigmar and Gothghul Hollow, a Warhammer Horror novel, now published.

I ALSO also write novel tie-in fiction for Marvel Comics through their tie-in publisher, Aconyte Books. The Serpent and The Dead, featuring Lady Sif and Brunnhilde the Valkyrie, is my first book for them.

Various other short stories can be found in existing and forthcoming anthologies, and I run a Patreon site where you can sign up to receive life and writing updates, editing and cut scenes, and original fiction each month.

You can buy all my work through Bookshop.org, bypassing the ‘Zon and its ever-tightening stranglehold on the publishing world. Bookshop.org donates a portion of your payment to small independent bookshops, helping them to stay in business. This is an affiliate link straight to my sales page, meaning I will also get a tiny percentage.

Check out my Etsy shop, WordseekerByAnna, for all your digital writing planner needs. There are only a few on there at the moment, but I will be updating it regularly with workbooks on plotting, worldbuilding, characterisation and more!

YouTube channel featuring background writing music and visuals – and random dog and writing videos