Nothing to write – everything to write

It’s fair to say my impatience is reaching fever pitch. I so badly want my edits back from Harry now; I want to see his recommendations and how he can make Godblind even better. I’m desperate to get on with it – and pleased for the break. As I’ve already said, editing is hard. Still, I’m far too excited about the process to want to slow down.

Yet… the brain downtime has led to some interesting developments. I’m wondering whether I can just sneak in a bit of editing on Hilda, my wreck of a sci-fi novel. I’m keen to revise a few short stories I wrote for Birmingham Writers’ Group, and they’ve just announced their summer competition is open, with a deadline of 18 May. So I’m doing some brainstorming for that. I’ve started journalling again.

It’s as though my brain has to be doing something creative at all times. Yet, when it comes to opening the document and actually doing said editing, revising, brainstorming … nothing. Nada. Zip. As though creativity is a finite resource and I’m saving all mine up for the next round of edits.

And of course that’s nonsense. The brain’s resources are infinite. The amount of strange things I read and see and hear every day is an endless source of inspiration. Maybe I’m being lazy. Maybe I’m tired and don’t realise it. Is brain fatigue a thing? Maybe I’m just enjoying dicking around for a while, watching genre TV, reading, being, you know, a relatively normal human being.

All I know is Twitter is suddenly far more enthralling than that blank white page open on my other screen. Damn you, Twitter. Procrastination personified. I did have a great idea for the summer competition in the middle of the night, but I think it was a dream and I can’t remember it now. Typical.

I’m sure this post was originally going to be about something other than writing. I just can’t remember what. One-track mind these days.

DHH Literary Agency has a shiny new website, did you know? It’s super-cool now it’s been revamped. Check it out. DHH Literary Agency. Anyone with a manuscript completed and looking for a home? Check them out, they’re awesome.

Oh, in fitness news, I finally took the plunge and bought a weight-lifting belt. I have been too long from beneath the iron and since I hurt my back at Christmas I’m keen to do things properly. Yesterday was my first time in its fabric and velcro embrace and I felt a bit of a fraud among all the meatheads with their five 20kg plates on each end of the bar. On the plus side, having not deadlifted for about five months, I got up to a set of six at 70kg without much problem at all – and no back pain. Yay. They’re going to be a regular part of my routine again now. Deadlifts, I have missed thee. 100kg, I’m coming for you.

OK, successfully procrastinated through 20 minutes. That’s me done. See ya.

Currently reading: Half a War, Joe Abercrombie

Currently listening: Fortress, Alter Bridge

Currently watching (far too much): The 100, Gotham, The Shannar Chronicles, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, SHIELD, Agent Carter, Game of Thrones season 5


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