The big reveal – my three-book deal with Harper Voyager UK

HV pre-emptIt’s official! I have, really truly, honest, my-word-is-my-bond, agreed a three-book deal for the Godblind trilogy with Harper Voyager UK. Don’t believe me? Official press release can be found on DHH Literary Agency’s website. And on The Bookseller – ha, never thought I’d see my own name on The Bookseller.

I’ve known about it for a few weeks but had to keep it under wraps until Voyager could make it public. It’s been a tough few weeks not leaping around and shouting it to complete strangers, but I’ve managed it. And I thought I’d got used to the idea, at least a little, but seeing that press release on The Bookseller’s website made my insides go weird – again.

So huge thanks, as always, to my agent Harry Illingworth and DHH Literary Agency, and to Natasha Bardon at HarperVoyager – my editor. Wow.

It’s been a long and winding road, and it’s had more than it’s share of bear traps, pits with sharp stakes in the bottom, rabid animals and mean people along its route, but I finally feel like I’m onto a smooth bit of the road – at least for a few months. Of course, I have to write the other two books in the trilogy. But you know what? I can’t bloody wait to get started.

I could start now, but I want to keep my brain uncluttered with plot developments until I know what sort of final edits Voyager want for Godblind. I guess that’s something I might have to learn to handle – edit one book while drafting the next, but right now I’d rather just enjoy the process of getting Godblind to the final edit stage in seclusion.

But man oh man, I have some plans for these beloved characters! Some of them will rue the day they were born. Actually, most of them will at some point.

But for now, I shall bask in my mighty glory and undeniable genius – but not until I’ve done the housework and cleaned dog hair off the couch.


Currently reading: The Skull Throne, Peter V Brett (and a certain press release, over and over)

Currently listening: David Bowie, Blackstar

Currently watching: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Game of Thrones, Gotham, The 100

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