Reads, Goodreads, and Writes

Ooh, use of the Oxford comma in the title there. Random. Better not do that when I draft Godblind’s sequel.

I’ve had some busy times lately. In June I met Natasha Bardon, my editor at Harper Voyager, for a fabulous lunch in the Hix, Bankside. We hit it off straight away (or we did from my perspective, anyway!) and I can tell it’s going to be a pleasure working with her. I’m waiting for her to send me what I hope is my final round of edits for Godblind. I’m really excited to get them finished and get drafting the next book in the trilogy – it’s starting to metaphorically prod me between the shoulder blades, aching to be written.

I’ve got tentative titles for the next two books, which I find really helps me to focus on the central premise of the narrative. Tash and Harry both really like Godblind as a title, liking the imagery and ideas it evokes, which made me change my initial titles to something that better reflected – I hope – the nature of the next two. So I’m excited about that, but keeping it secret for now.

Also thrilled to announce to Louisa Pritchard, the European scout for DHH Literary Agency, has sold the trilogy to Bragelonne in France, meaning that’s now three deals in total – UK, Germany, France. It’s fairly mind-boggling to know that not only will it come out in my native language, but will also be available in two others.

I belatedly arrived at the Goodreads party and have spent the last few weeks trawling my mind for every book I can remember reading to rate. I like the simplicity of the system and how it suggests titles based on what I’ve read so far. It’s also a brilliantly useful place to store all those “I really do need to read that book” moments.

I’ve written the first few hundred words of Godblind’s sequel, and then I wrote a short, 2000 word piece based on a dream I had, which I might take as show and tell at the next Birmingham Writers’ Group – which is tomorrow. Hmm. Better give it a polish then.

I’m also firmly in training for the national Three Peaks challenge in aid of my workplace’s charities of the year.

Here’s all the information should you want to consider donating:

All money donated on this site will automatically be split equally between the firm’s 3 charities of the year: Bliss, Beyond Food Foundation and Help Harry Help Others.

Last weekend we climbed Snowdon as a training exercise. It was great fun and definitely a challenge, so I’m concentrating on working hard in the gym and doing as much walking as possible ready for 22 July. Less than three weeks. That isn’t terrifying at all.

Currently reading: The twelve children of Paris, Tim Willocks

Currently watching: Chicago Fire

Currently listening: Fortress, Alter Bridge


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