Meeting the stars

Last night was DHH Literary Agency’s summer party. Held inside – and outside – Goldsboro Bookshop, it was an evening of improbably pink champagne (my head does not thank me this morning) and meeting the great and good of this weird new world called publishing in which I find myself.

Having met only David Headley, owner of DHH, and of course Harry, before, I was a little nervous about what to do. Charge in and introduce myself to strangers? Lurk on the fringes? Lean on the bar and drink?

I did a convoluted mix of all three – I slunk between the strangers with a shy smile, grabbed a drink, spied Harry (tallest there, so that was easy) and then lurked within his eyeline until he spotted me. Mission accomplished.

Secure in Harry’s orbit, I was introduced to Stu Turton, another author on Harry’s list who’s written a mystery with a twist – his elevator pitch is Agatha Christie meets Groundhog Day, and let’s face it, who the heck would not want to read that?

Stu and I chatted for ages and lurked inside the shop for a while before Harry dragged us out to meet people – Marcus Gipps, editor at Gollancz, who was lovely and funny and I did not fangirl too much even though I did confess within one second that I stalked him on Twitter; Mark de Jager, author of the very-nearly-published-11-August-BUY-IT novel Infernal, which is already lighting up social media with amazing reviews. We chatted about that for a while and I was sold when he informed me his main character eats one of his enemies. I mean, I was buying it anyway, but after that, I’ve just got to read it.

My editor Tash was there too, and we had a great chat and she said I’ll be getting my edits next week. I also found out that she’d sent me a care package of books, so how she expects me to actually do the edits when I have TEN new books to read, I don’t know. I believe she expects me not to tear through the care package until the edits are done… I believe she doesn’t know me very well yet.

I also chatted to a lovely guy from Penguin whose name I didn’t quite get, but I blew it when I confessed I wasn’t a Bob Dylan fan. Then I rescued it with a reference to the Borg.

I met David Headley’s partner Davey, who was really intrigued with Godblind; Jane, author of a harrowing psychological thriller; and DHH’s film rights agent, Emily.

There were many, many people there that I didn’t speak to, but it still felt like a (very big) family affair and I had a great time. DHH really do know how to make their authors feel valued and welcome, and I can’t wait for the next step into this weird and convoluted new life.

Oh, and here’s the care package *dribbles*


Currently reading: Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte

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