Godblind’s cover art revealed

Completely thrilled to point you in the direction of the brilliance that is the Fantasy-Faction website, which is hosting the brilliance that is Godblind’s cover art, complete with an associated waffle from me and insightful comments from Marc Aplin, FF founder and all-round awesome human being.

Godblind cover reveal interview

And for those who can’t wait – and let’s face it, who can wait the time it takes to click a hyperlink these days – it is HERE:


Have you ever seen anything so spectacular?

I am beyond excited to share it with you all, and I hope you find it as intriguing and compelling as I do. The link above gives more detail about the themes behind the cover, so do take a second to read that and then leave any comments you have here, there, or everywhere.

You can always Twitter me @AnnaSmithWrites or find me on Facebook as Anna Stephens.

Enjoy! And don’t forget those sneaky pre-order buttons so you can guarantee Godblind reaches you on publication date – 15 June 2017:



Barnes & Noble

Book Depository



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