It’s gonna have a map!

Like most hardcore fantasy fans, I do love a good map to help me visualise places, spaces and distances in what I’m reading. And I am, therefore, genuinely Christmas-morning levels of excited to confirm that Godblind will have a map!

Said map will be created from a very rough, very awful, draft of a map I’ve had stuck to the wall over my desk for years to help me work out where my characters are and estimate how long it would take them to get from place to place. It will – and there is no doubt about this – be better in all ways than my map. Then again, a baby finger-painting could probably come up with a better map than mine, but I digress.

Godblind’s map will be drawn by an actual human and trained artist who goes by the name of Mistress of Wolves (honestly, it couldn’t be any more perfect. It’s as uncanny as the artist who did the cover sharing the same name as one of my main characters), AKA Sophie E Tallis and you can follow her in all her awesomeness here.

It’s weird to think how much work is going on behind the scenes now that I am (mostly) blissfully ignorant of. All these people putting time and effort and sweat and talent into making my brain-vomit into a book worth buying and reading.

And on that note, I have seen images of the proof copies of Godblind and they are, too, truly lovely. Here, look! It’s so sexy!

Godblind proof

Copies should be in the post to the first round of reviewers, meaning it’s time for me to suck it up and face the music as real, live humans other than my (potentially deluded) agent and editor read and review/comment on it.

Wish me luck, and don’t forget those pre-order buttons are just waiting for you to click… You can find them here


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2 thoughts on “It’s gonna have a map!

  1. This is very exciting – you can’t beat a good map. (And one day they’ll be able to turn it into a fantastoc 3D animation when it becomes the next GoT)


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