Edge-Lit & the David Gemmell Awards 2017

A fantastic rounder up of a fantastic convention. It was my first Edge-lit and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

Michael Everest

What does bang-average shampoo, a ‘babby’, and a Swedish horse have in common?

Derby, apparently.

(Or, if you’re Sadir, ‘Daaaaar-by’.)

This weekend I’ve been lucky enough to attend Edge-Lit, an annual science-fiction, fantasy and horror event, held in Derby. It was my first ‘convention’, having previously attended smaller get-togethers for author panels/book signings in bookshops. Armed with a schedule, and accompanied by fellow fantasy-fans Kareem Mahfouz, JP Ashman, Laura M Hughes and Sadir S Samir, the day was a whirlwind of author sessions and panels, ending with the David Gemmell Awards for Fantasy in the night.

Us & Adrian Tchaikovsky Left to right: JP Ashman, Kareem Mahfouz, yours truly, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Laura M Hughes, Sadir S Samir

We managed to squeeze in (and I say squeeze, because the room was FULL) to the ‘Choose your own Adventure’ session led by Guest of Honor Peter Newman, which was a great way…

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