Godblind promotions, and my book baby’s first award nomination

It’s been a busy few weeks, first with my mammoth week of events, conventions and panels (Grim Gathering, Gothenburg Book Fair and Fantasycon), and then with a couple of excellent promotions for Godblind and its first award nomination in the Booknest Fantasy Awards!

Promotions first, to tantalise your taste buds and delight your bank balance:

My Sci-fi Club

This US-based crate of joy can be ordered up to 31 October. Choose the fantasy option and then select either one book and two dvds, or two books and one dvd – for $9.99 plus shipping. One of those books will be Godblind, and you’ll get the other goodies as well – and the whole lot is currently cheaper than Godblind on its own, which is pretty amazing!

Make sure you select the October box, though.


Second, Bookbub is an online mailing list that sends recommendations to discounted deals based on the genres you’ve selected to be informed about. This means that if you sign up to Bookbub (just an email, no fee etc) and select the ‘Fantasy’ genre, then you’ll get an email with a promotion for an ebook version of Godblind for just $1.99!

Bookbub’s Godblind promotion is only running 17th to 21st October though – so sign up quick!

The Awards!


We made it onto the shortlist for Best Debut Novel!! Voting is open until 31 October, and as per the below, eternal thanks and cosmic good luck will be yours if you vote for me


OK, this is huge and exciting and I might have squealed a little bit when I found out. Godblind has been nominated in TWO categories in the Booknest Fantasy Awards 2017 and voting is open NOW!

You can vote for it in either Best Traditionally Published Novel 2017 or Best Debut Novel 2017 – you can even vote for it in both! (That would be idea, by the way.)

It’s up against some truly fantastic books, so any vote you decide to send my way will earn you the best possible sort of karma and my eternal thanks.

The voting is currently to get Godblind from the longlist onto the shortlist. Should that occur, there will be a second round of votes to decide the eventual winner and I’ll update the link to that voting page if and when necessary.

Finally, the French edition of Godblind is due to hit the shelves on Wednesday 18 October! Bragelonne, my French publishers, are doing an amazing job over on Twitter promoting it – they’ve got a series of countdown quotes from the book to encourage readers. You can check them out here.

Here’s a sample

French Godblind countdown - 10 to go

And that cover! Oh, that cover. I’m a lucky lady!



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