Darksoul edits are done! (for now)


That has been an INTENSE six weeks, but the first major draft is now done and with agent and editor. A lot of plot and structural changes happened,  the big reveal at the end became a big reveal at the start, with a DIFFERENT big reveal at the end, and in general it is a better manuscript.

I know there will still be more edits to come – that’s natural and understandable and BRING THEM ON – but I’m pretty pleased with where I’ve got to.

Also, could not have been done without beta reading help from Mike Everest Evans, whose distressingly intimate knowledge of how it feels to have your kneecap dislocated was a tremendous help. Among many other nefarious and structural points, of course.

Darksoul is book 2 of the Godblind trilogy, for those who don’t know (and come on, probably only some hitherto undiscovered South American tribespeople don’t know about Godblind by now!) and it is scheduled for UK and Commonwealth (exc. Canada) release on 31 May 2018. North American publication is scheduled for a month or so later, I believe.

It is also now available for pre-order! 

But as they say, there is no rest for the wicked, so this is just a quick pit-stop in between short story drafting and before I jump feet-first into book 3.

Keep reading, kids. And remember, when punching someone, always keep your knuckles in line with your wrist.

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