Godblind gets fan art!

This is just a very short post to let you know that Godblind has reached another milestone in its evolution. Yesterday, a fabulous Serbian artist by the name of Dejan Delic sent me a tweet attaching the image he’d created from the Godblind universe.

I absolutely love it, and you can check out more of his amazing work on his Deviant Art page – link above.

For now, here’s the artwork:

Dejan Delic fan art Nov2017

Top to bottom: Lanta (just look at the expression on her face! And the hammer!), Dom, Rillirin and the Dark Lady, with Gosfath swirling around them in bloody red.

The artist seemed slightly surprised by the enthusiasm of my response when I gushed all over Twitter, but honestly, this is as exciting for me as my first five-star review. Because this amazing artist was inspired enough by MY BOOK to actually want to create art based on its characters.

It’s genuinely mind-blowing.

So if anyone has any other fan art for Godblind, or knows of any, please please point me towards it. I’d dearly love to collect it all together.

And thank you, Dejan!

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