Godblind – Wachter und Wolfe – published in Germany

I was lucky enough to land a publishing deal with German fantasy giant Blanvalet for the Godblind trilogy. On Monday 15 January, they published Godblind under the title Wachter und Wolfe – with the below incredible artwork.

German Godblind artwork

I absolutely love this artwork, and how the German publishers have taken a really different approach to the UK, North American and French covers. The moody, misty landscape underneath the snarling stylised wolf head really adds a sense of malevolence, and the red grass – Red Gods? – adds a needed and bloody splash of colour.

I’d like to extend my grateful thanks to Blanvalet, their translators, art department and publicists, and to the Louisa Pritchard agency for negotiating the foreign rights. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

Wachter und Wolfe is available from Blanvalet themselves, plus a variety of German bookshops and online stores.


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