Where did all the Wakandans go?

I’ve seen the first trailer for Avengers 4. Let me be clear, I’m going to watch it. I love the MCU and they’re generally solid films. That said, Black Panther was the best MCU film of the last few years for me, easily, EASILY outstripping GOTG, Ragnarok and Infinity Wars. Which leads me on to …

T’Challa got ashed, we know that. So did Nick Fury. So did 50% of the universe. But what, exactly, does the Avengers 4 trailer show us? It shows us – again – a bunch of white people, with the exception of Black Widow and the not shown but anticipated arrival of Captain Marvel, a bunch of white men, saving the universe. Again.

Yes, Nebula. I know. Pretty sure she’s not white. She’s also not human. This is about the human element of the film – for all I know Rocket might turn up next. Anyway.

T’Challa is gone. But Okoye and Shuri are not. Statistically, neither is 50% of the Wakandan army, and yet where are the Avengers? Aside from Tony, they’re back in America. Why are they back in America? Doesn’t Wakanda have enough advanced technology to effect whatever magic plan they have to undo the fallout of the infinity gauntlet? Obviously the answer to that is yes, Wakanda does have enough advanced technology, but they’re not there. They’ve travelled away from the only standing army to fight against Thanos and his hordes to return to America. Why? How does that make any sense? M’Baku is still alive, Okoye and Shuri are still alive, Nakia may be alive. Any and all of them can lead an army, but noooo, let’s go back to America.

Are we to believe that Thanos, a big purple alien, is racist and ensured the entire Wakandan army and Nick Fury were part of the 50% wiped out but not a bunch of white superheroes? A bunch of white superheroes to be joined by Ant-Man when the Wasp – who was clearly the more intelligent, talented and resouceful of the duo in the sequel, got ashed? Another white man. To join an all-white cast that might feature – GASP – two white women. And Nebula.

I’m used to women being erased in films and TV and books. It happens all the time. So I should be excited that we’ve got some in Avengers 4, right? NO. No, I am just massively, hugely disappointed that the trailer is a complete, 100% white wash. I am so sick and tired of seeing myself represented on screen – when my gender is represented at all. I am sick and tired of only seeing white faces in superhero movies. What I’m hoping for is a deluge of Wakandans to help the Avengers. I’m hoping for Okoye and Shuri and M’Baku and Ramonda and Rhodey and Wong. I’m hoping for Valkyrie who didn’t even get screen time in Infinity Wars, though let’s not even get into the fact that she doesn’t have a name. Valkyrie is her job title, not her name. Ironman – Tony. Cpt America – Steve. Valkyrie – we don’t care.

So there you go. MCU actually made a positive difference by creating Black Panther with all the equality and feminism and representation going on there -and then they’ve done this, going back on all that good work and positivity. I’m hoping future Avengers 4 trailers will put my mind at ease because, right now, I’m faintly appalled by it all.


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