BLOODCHILD by Anna Stephens (Book Review) | The Fantasy Hive

I’m absolutely over the moon by the below review from the Fantasy Hive about Bloodchild, the third book in my Godblind trilogy.

It seems that all the points I was trying to hit were, indeed, hit – either that or the reviewer in question, Mike, can somehow see into my brain. I wouldn’t actually put is past him.

It’s a genuine thrill to think that I ended my debut trilogy the way I wanted to. It was certainly three years of intensely hard work and I know I’ve become a better writer with each book. Much of that is down to being open to every suggestion from my agent, editors and beta readers. Being willing to learn. Being willing to check the ego and do as I’m told. Understanding that sometimes they can see the shape of the story better than I can.

I took part in Voyagercon in London on Tuesday night, and editor Vicky Leech of HarperVoyager said something that really cut to the heart of the editor/author relationship: Editors are there to see the kernel of truth buried in every book and bring it out to the surface, to nurture it and grow it, until the truth is a mighty tree on which the book rests. (I think she might be a bit of a poet).

And it’s so incredibly true. Over the last three years and these three books, Natasha and Jack, my principal editors, and Harry my agent, have helped me understand the heart and truth of my story, and they’ve enabled me to bring it to the world. My gift to you is their gift to me – and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Now, before we all start crying, here’s that incredible review I was talking about:  BLOODCHILD by Anna Stephens (Book Review) | The Fantasy Hive

Bloodchild asset 1


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