In the Forge

Yesterday was part 2 of my 40th birthday (which was in October).

My husband took us blacksmithing for the day! It was an introductory course and while we didn’t make a sword (next time!) we spent an amazing day turning four inches of rectangular steel into something altogether less angular and, if I do say so myself, much prettier.



From left to right are the various stages we went through to create a leaf-shaped pendant/amulet/keyring with a round stem curved in and around itself.

It was a really cool and fun day during which I neither hammered a body part nor set myself on fire. I learnt a hell of a lot and, yes, with unlimited time and money, I absolutely would set up a forge at home because it was so satisfying to see the transformation of something through nothing other than the application of heat and force.

If you get the chance to do this or something similar, I can’t recommend it enough. And not just for research purposes (though that was really interesting in itself), but because you get to play with fire and metal and hammers and water and beeswax – and who wouldn’t want to do that? Plus there were ducks on the farm, and who doesn’t love a good duck?

Below is a selection of some action shots from the day and if you’re based in the Midlands or happy to travel, this is the blacksmith’s website!

And thank you, husband. You’re the awesomest.




Search: Chris the Smith


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