Fundraiser Roundup: AUTHORS FOR FIREYS | The Fantasy Hive

There is currently a MASSIVE fundraiser happening on Twitter in support of the professional and volunteer firefighters who are risking and losing their lives in Victoria, Australia, as they battle the worst bushfires in the country’s modern history.

Some extremely famous people are offering books/editorial services/the chance to be killed in a sequel/Skype chats/appearances at books clubs and much, much more.

Check out the hashtags #AuthorsForFireys and #AuthorsForFiries to find something you want to bid on, then bid in the reply to the tweet. If yours is the winning bid when the auction closes, you donate that money DIRECTLY TO THE FIRESERVICE following the instructions on the Authors for Fireys website. Upon proof of donation, the book/edit/offer will be arranged between author and winner.

See the link below for a round up of just some of the auctions available, and then head over to Twitter to scroll through the hashtags. Happy bidding.

via Fundraiser Roundup: AUTHORS FOR FIREYS | The Fantasy Hive


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