Collected interviews and articles on The Stone Knife

A few months back I asked the book blogging community to help me promote my new book, as 2020 is, well, 2020.

And, boy, did they deliver. I’ve done written and video interviews, podcasts, people have reviewed and hyped The Stone Knife, and generally done what they can to give my new chonk of a book a push in the run up to publication.

Everyone’s been brilliant, and I’ve really felt the love from the book community these last months. Thank you to everyone.

Below are the links to articles, interviews and other podcasts, wherein I talk an astounding amount of nonsense – any of you who’ve met me at a convention know exactly what I’m like – and also try to give some decent answers to many excellent questions asked by thoughtful and eloquent interviewers.

We talk writing craft, representation, worldbuilding, character development, the pitfalls of writing a new series, and more.

First up, a couple of extracts from the book to whet your appetities:

Part of chapter one, hosted by Grimdark Magazine.

Part of chapter two, hosted by Fantasy-Faction

Zoom interview with Justine from I Should Read That, which was relaxed and loads of fun. We talked about why my books shouldn’t be put in the kids’ section of bookshops…

Interview with Andrew Sumnar and Laura Dodd of Forbidden Planet, covering worldbuilding and representation.

Podcast with The Fantasy Inn, including trash talking of The Fantasy Hive, martial arts, having a sword swung into your face, D&D, and research.

Zoom chat with the excellent Petrik of Novel Notions, in which he managed to wrangle not only me, but also Sam Hawke and RJ Barker!

Reviews from The Books are Rising and Beneath a Thousand Skies.

Interviews with Track of Words and Wildheart Reads.

Interview with The Fantasy Hive. Research, killer trees, and the importance of having a stretchy brain.

Podcast with Worldbuilding for Masochists on Writing Realistic Villains – this was a ton of fun!

Again, thank you so much to everyone so far who’s helped me out. There are a few more things to come over the next couple of weeks as well.

The Stone Knife is published on 26 November in ebook, audiobook and hardback (UK) with worldwide paperback following next year. Please consider purchasing from your local indie bookstore or where possible.

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