Today, 5 February 2022, marks the publication of my debut Warhammer Horror novel, Gothghul Hollow.

I’ve written a few short stories in the Age of Sigmar realm, as well as a novella, over the last few years, so when my editor at Black Library asked if I’d like to write a Gothic Horror novel about a quartet of powerful, unpredictable and deeply flawed characters working together to solve a series of supernatural occurrences while also digging into their shared, shattered past, I was intrigued – to say the least.

I also had no experiece writing horror although, thanks entirely to my spouse, I am a fan of horror films and particularly the classic Hammer and Universal horrors of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Fortunately, my editor referenced several of those same films when explaining the feel and atmosphere Black Library were looking for, which increased my excitement by approximately 900%. With a pitch like that, how could I say no?

We worked on the outline together – Gothghul Hollow is the first of a tetralogy concerning the mystery of Mhurghast and consequently they had several ideas about how they wanted the narrative to progress. It was a very collaborative process, though, and by this point I was used to working in the Age of Sigmar IP and adhering to particular rules around characters and presentation. With the outline set, it was then left to me to bring the setting, character and mysteries to life.

It was also the only time in my writing career thus far where I was asked to include MORE corpses, which … well. Let’s just say I was more than happy to comply.

It’s a love letter to some of my favourite movies, and two of my favourite actors – Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. They were a stunning, charismatic partnership through the many, many films they made together, and even when the scripts were lacking, they were very compelling.

As a result, I had them very firmly in mind when I wrote Tiberius Grim and Aaric Gothghul respectively.

As mentioned, Gothghul Hollow is the first in a tetralogy, with the sequels being handled by different authors, so if the central mystery – what, or who, is Mhurghast and what does it/they want? – then be sure to pick up books 2, 3 and 4 over the next eighteen months.

Scholar. Sorceror. Killer. Priest. Four people divided by their secrets and lies, bound together by horror, must unite their strengths to unpick a diabolical mystery to which they have but one incomprehensible clue – a single word: Mhurghast.

Games Workshop official description.

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