Me and my big mouth

There are times when having things like a strict moral code or professionalism is a hindrance. Take me, for example.

I’ve been working for a small start up company for the last 7 months, slowly building up an audience etc etc, doing everything I can to make it a success while reminding the business owner, on a weekly basis, that the business model isn’t actually guaranteed to make us a lot of money. Or any money.

I’ve pointed out he needs to recruit certain people, we need to look at different approaches, we absolutely have to advertise to get clients.

I’ve researched competitors, set up sales funnels, started work on lead generation – none of which is part of my remit. And over and over I’ve recommended he take some training so he can become the keystone to the business and drive its growth and profitability.

And … success!

He’s going to undertake a comprehensive training plan! He just … doesn’t think there’s any point keeping the business active until he’s qualified.

So, as of tomorrow, I’m out of a job! Well, we’re “on hiatus for a few months”.

Which means, if anyone needs a freelance writer for anything, you can always talk to me! I’m good at what I do and stories are my thing. I’m also a qualified proofreader so get in touch if you have any projects that require a professional writer’s touch.


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