The Traitor God – interviewing Cameron Johnston

I recently had the pleasure, nay the privilege, to interview Cameron Johnston, whose debut novel The Traitor God is published on 5 June through those fine silicon-based lifeforms at Angry Robot. Cameron has the distinction of being my second ever interviewee on my website – what a thrill! We discussed books, writing, long walks in … Continue reading The Traitor God – interviewing Cameron Johnston

Book Review: Godblind by Anna Stephens

Big shout out to Bethan for her awesome review – and to Ken for buying her the book! Clearly a man of excellent taste :0)

Bethan May Books

Ken bought me this book as a gift when we went to the Grim Gathering event in Bath; I was there to see Joe Abercrombie, I’d read Prince of Thorns in preparation and so was excited to see Mark Lawrence, and I was curious about this Anna Stephens whose debut everyone was talking about. It’s hard to believe that was all the way back in September, and it’s taken me half a year to finally get around to reading Godblind.


I absolutely should have picked this book up sooner.

A brief overview: Goblind is a grimdark (very grim and dark) fantasy, with a multiple point-of-view narrative. It’s a warring nations kind of fantasy, with gods pulling the strings from behind the scenes; lots of back stabbing, betrayals, prophecies, priestesses.

Yawn. Again?

Oh yes but this time it’s done so well.

It’s a plot-driven kind of book, fast paced…

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Godblind – Wachter und Wolfe – published in Germany

I was lucky enough to land a publishing deal with German fantasy giant Blanvalet for the Godblind trilogy. On Monday 15 January, they published Godblind under the title Wachter und Wolfe - with the below incredible artwork. I absolutely love this artwork, and how the German publishers have taken a really different approach to the … Continue reading Godblind – Wachter und Wolfe – published in Germany

Interview with Sean Grigsby, author of Smoke Eaters

Today I'm super honoured to bring you an interview with Sean Grigsby, author of Smoke Eaters, a sci-fi-fantasy-horror-thriller mash up you do not want to miss! As well as being a serving firefighter and writer, Sean also runs the Cosmic Dragon podcast over on his website, on which he chats to people from all aspects … Continue reading Interview with Sean Grigsby, author of Smoke Eaters

My Top 5 Books of 2017

Wowser, Godblind rears her bloody head in another ‘best of’ list! Thanks to Observant Raven for reading, reviewing and championing my debut! xx

Observant Raven Book Reviews

At the start of 2017 I set myself the goal of reading 12 books and I am happy to report that I managed to read 20. This is 2 books less than what I read in 2016 but this has been some what of a manic year and I am okay with this as I have read some truly fantastic books this year. With that mind below are the top 5 books (in no particular order) I read in 2017.

1. The Core by Peter V. Brett


For time out of mind, bloodthirsty demons have stalked the night, culling the human race to scattered remnants dependent on half-forgotten magics to protect them. Then two heroes arose—men as close as brothers, yet divided by bitter betrayal. Arlen Bales became known as the Warded Man, tattooed head to toe with powerful magic symbols that enable him to fight demons in hand-to-hand…

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