I sold a second series!

Yes, folks, it's true and I'm now allowed to talk about it. My new series is called Songs of the Drowned, and book 1 is titled The Stone Knife. It will be published worldwide in English on 12 November 2020 and you can read the press release here. I. AM. EXCITE! And terrified. It's been … Continue reading I sold a second series!


Godblind’s cover art revealed

Completely thrilled to point you in the direction of the brilliance that is the Fantasy-Faction website, which is hosting the brilliance that is Godblind's cover art, complete with an associated waffle from me and insightful comments from Marc Aplin, FF founder and all-round awesome human being. Godblind cover reveal interview And for those who can't … Continue reading Godblind’s cover art revealed

The big reveal – my three-book deal with Harper Voyager UK

It's official! I have, really truly, honest, my-word-is-my-bond, agreed a three-book deal for the Godblind trilogy with Harper Voyager UK. Don't believe me? Official press release can be found on DHH Literary Agency's website. And on The Bookseller - ha, never thought I'd see my own name on The Bookseller. I've known about it for … Continue reading The big reveal – my three-book deal with Harper Voyager UK