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The Tattoeed Book Geek gives the low down on his favourite fantasy novels of 2017. And guess who’s on there? ME!

The Tattooed Book Geek


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Blackwing (The Raven’s Mark Book One) by Ed McDonald


Blackwing is fantastic, hands down, it’s one of the best books of 2017. I’m not entirely sure why it felt fresh and new to me, it’s Mcdonald’s debut book so he’s a fresh new author!😂 But there was just something about it, the writing, the setting, everything really and while it contains staples of the genre somehow the book manages to feel…

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Godblind #1 – Anna Stephens

French reviews are beginning to come in for Godblind – it’s published by the mighty Bragelonne on 18 October 2017!



Godblind est le premier roman écrit par l’auteure anglaise Anna Stephens. La publication chez Bragelonne est prévue pour le 18 octobre 2017 (en grand format donc) et la saga comptera trois tomes en tout. J’ai eu la chance de recevoir un exemplaire numérique en service presse via le site NetGalley et je remercie très chaleureusement Bragelonne pour cet envoi.

Je l’ai dit, Godblind est un premier roman… Et j’ai été très surprise que ça soit le cas, puisqu’on n’y retrouve pas les problèmes habituels inhérents à une première parution. L’auteure nous propose un univers très dense et bien maîtrisé. On sent qu’elle l’a beaucoup travaillé, il n’y a pas d’incohérences ni de facilités scénaristiques flagrantes. L’écriture est maîtrisée (notez toutefois que je l’ai lu en français, donc traduit…) ainsi que le vocabulaire inhérent à la guerre ou aux différents types de personnages.

Parce que Godblind, c’est non seulement…

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Ed McDonald: Blackwing (guest post)

What’s this? A mature and thoughtful response to the idea of relationships in life and in fiction? Huzzah!


Ed McDonald has spent many years dancing between different professions, cities and countries, but the only thing any of them share in common is that they have allowed him enough free time to write. He currently lives with his wife in London, a city that provides him with constant inspiration, where he works as a university lecturer. When he’s not grading essays or wrangling with misbehaving plot lines he can usually be found fencing with longswords, rapiers and pollaxes.

Ed’s debut novelBlackwing is the first part of The Raven’s Marktrilogy. Blackwing will be published on July 20th 2017 by Gollancz in the UK, and October 2017 byAce in the United States.German, Spanish, French, Hungariann and Russian translations willbe available from 2018.

Blackwing (2017)
(The first book in the Raven’s Mark series)

Buy signed copy

book cover of Blackwing

The republic faces annihilation, despite the vigilance of Galharrow’s Blackwings. When a raven…

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Edge-Lit & the David Gemmell Awards 2017

A fantastic rounder up of a fantastic convention. It was my first Edge-lit and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

Michael Everest

What does bang-average shampoo, a ‘babby’, and a Swedish horse have in common?

Derby, apparently.

(Or, if you’re Sadir, ‘Daaaaar-by’.)

This weekend I’ve been lucky enough to attend Edge-Lit, an annual science-fiction, fantasy and horror event, held in Derby. It was my first ‘convention’, having previously attended smaller get-togethers for author panels/book signings in bookshops. Armed with a schedule, and accompanied by fellow fantasy-fans Kareem Mahfouz, JP Ashman, Laura M Hughes and Sadir S Samir, the day was a whirlwind of author sessions and panels, ending with the David Gemmell Awards for Fantasy in the night.

Us & Adrian Tchaikovsky Left to right: JP Ashman, Kareem Mahfouz, yours truly, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Laura M Hughes, Sadir S Samir

We managed to squeeze in (and I say squeeze, because the room was FULL) to the ‘Choose your own Adventure’ session led by Guest of Honor Peter Newman, which was a great way…

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Godblind is here – aka an Ode to Anna

The wonderfully talented and gorgeous – inside and out – Becky wrote a fab little piece here. Thanks, sweetie xxx

Mark & Becky Down Under

I first met Anna Stephens around four years ago, at work.

We first bonded over the gym. I say bonded. She went a lot and began dragging my sorry ass along with her. She would support me, push me to do more and believe in myself. In the gym, and outside of it. If I was grouchy at work, she’d bring me a cup of tea, tell me a funny story or send me a picture of Jon Snow.

I would never have stepped in to a squat rack if it weren’t for Anna. I’d have never started writing my blog (I’m sorry that I’m still so lax at keeping it up-to-date, Anna). I’d also probably have drunk a lot less gin, but that’s another issue.

What does this have to do with the book? Not much, in truth. It has to do with the author.IMG_9936I opened my copy of

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Godblind : Anna Stephens

Rigg's Cabinet of Curiosities

… brilliant grimdark fantasy …

grimdark fantasy

Exciting and well written, Godblind proves that debut novelist Anna Stephens can handle a multiple narrative epic with flare and skill. Roughly in the same field as George RR Martin‘s Game of Thrones series, there’s much intrigue, fighting and moral ambiguity with some charismatic personalities including Dom, the reluctant seer; Rillirin, the escaped slave, and Captain Crys Tailorson. Anna is a fantastic story teller and the novel packs enough twists amongst the battles and assassinations to keep the pages turning fast.

Having 10 characters’ view points was a challenge for me.  I would recommend choosing a moment when you can read a substantial amount in one sitting to establish as many of the characters’ story lines as possible.  In her blog, Anna reveals that her editor asked her to take four more strands out.  Thank you, Natasha the Editor.

As this is grim dark…

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