Defining ‘failure’

I start a full-time job on Monday. I'm well aware that many people would see that as a success, and I'm even more aware that what I've accomplished since 2017 - six published novels - is also a big success. And yet. And yet, it hasn't been successful enough to keep my finances stable. In … Continue reading Defining ‘failure’

What a Spring, Summer and start of Autumn that was…

Yep, I've been busy. From being made redundant in May to turning in two drafted novels within a fortnight of each other in September PLUS a copy edit of another entire book, interspersed with a heatwave that was frankly rude, it's been a mad gallop through 2022. That said, all being well I should have … Continue reading What a Spring, Summer and start of Autumn that was…

The coming crisis

Some excellent words from a good and wise friend.

Stewart Hotston

This post contains my own personal opinion (I work in finance and this is neither official advice nor representative of what my employer thinks – caveats done with, let’s talk turkey). There’s been a lot of words spilled in the last few months over inflation and [interest] rates and energy prices.

I’ve become convinced that we’re about to see a change in the shape and nature of British society that we haven’t seen in 50 years. I won’t rehearse the arguments here about how much energy prices are going to rise or what inflation is doing to our paychecks.

I also don’t want to make this a doomsday post. What I want to do here is spell some things out clearly and then offer some help (mostly by signposting you to others who are much better at this than me). If you want to skip my longer discussion about what…

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SFF-specific writing courses – you in?

Hi all! I've been doing a lot of research over the last few days into the quality and type of online writing courses available in the UK (so far; other regions do exist, I know, I just haven't got to them yet). What I've discovered is pretty depressing from a speculative writing perspective: You can … Continue reading SFF-specific writing courses – you in?

The Legend of Asgard

The Serpent and the Dead, my first prose novel for Marvel Comics/Aconyte Books, is now published in paperback in the US (28 September 2021). It's already available in ebook worldwide (maybe you want to buy it?) but for me there's still something a little bit magical about knowing my book exists in a physical format. … Continue reading The Legend of Asgard