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The Godblind trilogy is now available to buy or borrow in English. There are also some translations, notably the whole trilogy is out in German, the first two in Dutch, and Godblind in French.

The Stone Knife, book one of Songs of the Drowned, is now also out in English and available in various formats, including audio and ebook, worldwide.

My first prose novel for Marvel Comics, through official tie-in partner Aconyte Books, is also available worldwide in ebook, audio and paperback. It’s called The Serpent and the Dead and follows Lady Sif and Brunnhilde the Valkyrie on an epic, dangerous quest to recover souls that have been snatched at the moment of death and so have never made it to Valhalla.


And Gothghul Hollow, my first Warhammer Horror novel, is now available in paperback, ebook and audio as well. It’s a Gothic horror set in Shyish and following a fractured family as they navigate their past secrets while trying to solve a series of supernatural murders.


Goldsboro Books window display June 17 Book of the Month

“Has all the signs of being a sensational series”—5/5, SFX magazine

“If you’re a fan of the likes of Joe Abercrombie or George R.R. Martin, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Anna Stephens has joined this august pantheon of lovingly horrible and deliciously dark writers”—10/10, Starburst magazine

“Nobody does swordfights quite like Anna Stephens. We salute her with a bloody gauntlet”—The Mail

I’ve got an affiliate shop on Bookshop.org, an alternative to Amazon where a percentage of every sale – at no extra cost to you – goes to an independent bookshop.

As mine is an affiliate shop, anything you buy through those links gives me a tiny payment, too. Again, at zero extra cost to you. If you’re looking for an alternative to the ‘Zon, please check it out.



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